We live in a bustling little burg known as Hollywood.  And this year, we were host to one of the biggest parties in the world: the 74th Annual Academy Awards!

VJ has attended the Academy Awards twice in the past when they were held at the Shrine Auditorium in downtown Los Angeles, but she was snubbed this year and couldn't attend. (Okay, so she was only a volunteer seat-filler.  But that meant she sat in the first 18 rows during the show, amongst all the big stars -- woohoo!)

Not being formally invited didn't stop us from walking up the street to check out the local action, despite their closing Hollywood Boulevard off five days prior to the event.

The Academy Awards were presented in the brand new Kodak Theatre.  Luckily, on Saturday when we strolled over to check it out, they had not yet enforced all the security measures so we could walk up the block with minimal hindrance.

Here's the main entrance to the theatre, with Robin
standing on the famous red carpet.

Here's what Hollywood Boulevard looked like, with bleachers set up
for the fans to watch stars arrive in their limos.

A security guard objects to Vicky Jo having her photo taken!
(See how well she pays attention.)

Ha!  We showed him!

Now that's a flower cart!
The building in the background is the Roosevelt Hotel,
site of the first Academy Awards.
(If the Roosevelt weren't in the way, you'd see where we live from here!)

By Sunday morning, security had tightened considerably.
This is the line of people trying to get onto Hollywood Boulevard. 

They're waiting to go through metal detectors and be frisked by jumpy guards.
Cell phones were confiscated and cameras scrupulously examined.
(Robin was challenged several times and eyed suspiciously.)

Besides helicopters circling annoyingly overhead, the LAPD was out in full force.
Police cars, motorcycles, and specialised vehicles were everywhere.
We saw many uniformed SWAT team members and heard there were FBI officers,
plainclothes officers, and bomb squad members patrolling the site as well.

This is how Hollywood Boulevard looked in front of the Chinese Theatre.

This was as close as we attempted to get on Sunday morning.
The entrance to the Kodak Theatre is just beyond that crowded overpass.
(Can you see how full the bleachers are?)

We attended a private Oscar party and watched it all on a friend's 50" TV set.
Naturally we dressed for the occasion!
(Yes, Robin's tie has flashing lights.)
...Want to see VJ when she attended the past Oscars?